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NOTICE: This script is obsolete (this was a support file for the True Totals script, which is no longer needed), and will no longer be supported. If you are looking for a script that will locate your logs (and logs of selected friends), please try Lil Devil's VIP List Script.


Automatically shows geocache pages in All Logs mode. As Greasemonkey scripts don't "kick in" until after the page starts to load, the page will first start to load in normal mode, then refresh to show all loads. If you're on a broadband connection, it's hardly noticeable. If you're on dial-up, you may find it annoying. Your mileage may vary.

Change Log:
  v1.1 (2005-12-12) - Changed method of reloading the cache page, so that it doesn't interfere with the use of the browser's Back button.

Greasemonkey 0.6.4 (Firefox 1.5) Compatible!

Install script: Install script

To install, right-click on the icon, and select "Install User Script". If you do not see the menu option, click on the icon to open the file in a new tab (or window), and select "Install This User Script" from the Tools menu.