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This is for those who want to make sure they never send their real email address to other geocaching.com account holders, and/or those who don't want a copies of their mail sent to their email box.

The script allows you to set the default values for the two check boxes on the geocaching.com "Email A User" page, which determine if your real email address is sent, and if you're sent a copy of the email to your account's email box. Initially, the script is set to uncheck both boxes. This behavior can be altered by changing switch values within the script.

NOTE: This script has been superseded by the Email Maximizer script. You should NOT have both script installed and active. I recommend uninstalling this script, and using Email Maximizer instead.

Greasemonkey 0.6.4 (Firefox 1.5) Compatible!

Install script: Install script

To install, right-click on the icon, and select "Install User Script". If you do not see the menu option, click on the icon to open the file in a new tab (or window), and select "Install This User Script" from the Tools menu.