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With the latest update to geocaching.com, I found that I had to scroll the log entry page down to get to the Submit button. And at the screen resolution I use, there was a lot of wasted space to the right of the text entry box. This script takes care of that, by removing unnecessary white space, giving you control over the size of the input box, and hiding the inventory drop-down selector until needed (the number of items in inventory is shown instead).

The script adds 4 size control icons (the green arrows) to the right of the "smilie" button. These let you have full control over the size of the text entry box. By clicking an arrow, you move either the bottom or right side border of the box in the direction of the arrow.

To the right of the arrows is the Validator switch. When turned on (green checkmark), the script keeps the Submit button deactivated until you have selected a log type, and enter some text into the text box. This keeps you from submitting a log that's going to be returned with an error message.

To the right of the Validator switch is the Quote icon. Clicking this icon will cause the text in the text box to be given email-style quoting. Appropriate link breaks are made, and each line is prepended with a ">" character. If you highlight a portion of text, only the highlighted text will be quoted. The remaining text will be unaffected. If no text is highlighted, all text in text box will be quoted.

Lastly is the Characters Remaining switch. When turned on, it will show a running total of the maximum characters remaining (out of 4,000). If this option is turned off, it will automatically turn on when the remaining character count drops below 100.

Change Log:

  • v02.98 2015-03-25 Fix for site change. Converted to new version checker.
  • v02.97 2013-06-04 Fix for site change.
  • v02.96 2011-05-17 Work-around for Firefox 4 bug.
  • v02.95 2011-05-01 Fix for site change.
  • v02.94 2011-02-01 Fix to accommodate the site's multi-language support.
  • v02.93 2010-01-27 Added store/retrieve of last note text submitted, so log text is not lost due to site failures. Saved text is retrieve via User Script Menu option.
  • v02.92 2010-11-10 Fix for site change. Added duplicate Submit button, based on user request. Reduced granularity of text box adjustment to 4 pixels, for greater control.
  • v02.91 2010-10-16 Fix to accommodate the site's multi-language support.
  • v02.90 2010-08-05 - Added Auto-Visit function for trackables.
  • v02.82 2010-07-30 - Fix for site change. Added option to always open with smilie bar displayed.
  • v02.81 2010-05-18 - Minor fix to make sure it works with other scripts.
  • v02.80 2010-05-06 - Fix for work with trackable logs.
  • v02.70 2010-02-24 - Fix for site change. Added update notification.
  • v02.06 2010-02-13 - Restored ability to hide/show inventory list.
  • v02.05 2010-01-21 - Update for site changes. Removed left/right arrows, as the text box now auto- -resizes to screen width.
  • v02.04 2009-08-03 - Removed 2 lines of text explaining encryption function.
  • v02.03 2009-02-04 - Minor change to support the PDA Field Notes script.
  • v02.20 2008-10-14 - Added menu option to select font for text area. Choose the font from the font list, and select "Use currently selected font for text area" from the Greasemonkey menu. Added "Smiley Bar", which replaces the system's pop-up window. Just click the smiley icon to automatically insert it into your log.
  • v02.10 2008-07-27 - Added coordinate paste-box.
  • v02.00 2008-07-24 - Added edit controls for Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Fonts, Text Color, and Hyperlinks. Added Date Detection, to notify when selected date is not the current date. Added ability to rename the months to that of other languages. Added control to change selected date to current date. Added menu option to control if inventory is initially hidden or shown. Fix to accommodate website changes.
  • v01.50 2007-10-09 - Minor fix to accommodate website changes.
  • v01.40 2006-08-23 - Minor fix to accommodate website changes.
  • v01.30 2006-07-17 - Cosmetic update. Replaced text-based controls with icon images from the famfamfam.com "Silk" icon collection. Pretty!
  • v01.20 2006-05-11 - Text quoting added. Copy text to text box and click the Quote icon. Line breaks will be added at the approximate line width, and each line prepended with a ">".
  • v01.10 2006-03-17 - Travel Bug inventory is now hidden, and inventory count added next to submit button if inventory not empty. Click on inventory count to show/hide the inventory selector box.
  • v01.10 2006-03-17 - Remaining Characters display added.

Greasemonkey 0.6.4 (Firefox 1.5) Compatible!

Install script: Install script

To install, right-click on the icon, and select "Install User Script". If you do not see the menu option, click on the icon to open the file in a new tab (or window), and select "Install This User Script" from the Tools menu.