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Some geocachers like to add the sequential number of their finds into the on-line logs, since the system doesn't track this for you.

This script adds a link to the log entry page, which when clicked, insert a number into the text box, and increments the number for next time. A second link shows the actual number that will be inserted into the text area. Clicking on the number allows you to edit its value.

Since the Find value is maintained locally, this is most useful for those enter all their finds on the same PC. This is also multi-tab aware. If you have multiple tabs (or windows) open to a log entry page, changing the numeric value on one tab will cause it to change on all the other tabs as well.

Change Log:

  • (v01.64) 2011-05-03 Update for site changes.
  • (v01.63) 2011-02-09 Update for site changes.
  • (v01.62) 2010-11-10 Update for site changes.
  • (v01.61) 2010-10-16 Fix to accomodate the site's multi-language support.
  • (v01.60) 2010-07-31 Update for site changes. Added update notification. NOTE: You may have to reset the Find Counter value after this install.
  • (v01.50) 2010-01-22 Update for site changes.
  • (v01.40) 2008-12-01 Minor change to support the PDA Field Notes script
  • (v01.30) 2008-08-02 Fix to accommodate site change.
  • (v01.20) 2006-08-17 Clicking link to insert count automatically selects "Found it", if no other log type selection has been made.
  • (v01.10) 2006-01-28 Internal modification to work with the v1.1 Log Maximizer script, to trigger character count update when count is added to the text area.
  • (v01.00) Initial release

Install script: Install script

To install, right-click on the icon, and select "Install User Script". If you do not see the menu option, click on the icon to open the file in a new tab (or window), and select "Install This User Script" from the Tools menu.