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This script compacts the information on the browser title, and alters its order, so you can better see the information you're looking for. This is especially helpful when you have multiple tabs of cache pages open.

If you don't like the default script formatting of the data, you can easily change it to suit yourself. Just select the Customize option from the Greasemonkey/User Script Command menu, and create your own display template.

Also, this script changes the page icon (shown in tabs and in the location bar) to that of the cache type. If you don't care for this feature, you can turn it off from the same menu group as the template.

Setting are stored based on your log-in ID, so different people using the same computer can each have their own customized settings. If you are not signed-in, none of the changes performed by this script will occur.

Change Log:
  v1.2 (2008-07-26) - Bug fix.

  v1.1 (2008-07-25) - Fix to accommodate site change.

  v1.0 (2008-07-15) - Initial release.

Greasemonkey 0.6.4 (Firefox 1.5) Compatible!

Install script: Install script

To install, right-click on the icon, and select "Install User Script". If you do not see the menu option, click on the icon to open the file in a new tab (or window), and select "Install This User Script" from the Tools menu.