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This script replicates the handy waypoint search box that you see on the Geocaching.com home page, to every other page on the site (except pages that already have a search box). And it goes the home page search box one better - you can also enter Travel Bug TBxxxxx IDs, or Travel Bug Tracking Codes. If you enter the Tracking Code, the script will remember it for you, and automatically fill it in for you when you enter your log. No more having to enter the code twice!

NEW - As of v2.0, this script also inserts a "Your Stuff" menu into the main menu bar. This gives you quick access to many of the site pages that you would normally have to drill down multiple pages to access. You can turn this menu off, if you like, from the Greasemonkey User Script Commands menu.

Change Log:

  • v02.33 2012-04-25 Update for site changes.
  • v02.32 2011-12-26 Moved social network icons under the Community menu. Removed redundant Advertise With Us link.
  • v02.31 2011-09-08 Change spacing of social media icons, so everything fits on one line again.
  • v02.30 2011-05-17 Added "Your Profile" to the "Your Stuff" menu.
  • v02.20 2011-05-07 Compacted "Your Stuff" menu to take up less screen space.
  • v02.10 2011-05-05 Added drop-down menu entry for uploading field notes. Added option to turn off the GCxxxx default in the input box.
  • v02.00 (2011-04-28) - Moved input box to header menu bar. Added "Your Stuff" drop-down menu, for quick access to pages. Menu items adopt localized titles, based on language settings, when you visit a menu page.
  • v01.60 (2010-06-02) - Update for site changes. Added auto update notification.
  • v01.50 (2010-01-15) - Update for site changes.
  • v01.40 (2009-01-26) - Travel bug owners no longer need to enter the tracking number when posting to their own bugs.
  • v01.30 (2008-12-02) - Can now enter travel bug tracking numbers to reach the bug's page. No longer have to enter the tracking number twice in order to log it.
  • v01.20 (2008-08-14) - Minor fix to accommodate website changes.
  • v01.10 (2007-10-10) - Minor fix to accommodate website changes.

Greasemonkey 0.6.4 (Firefox 1.5) Compatible!

Install script: Install script

To install, right-click on the icon, and select "Install User Script". If you do not see the menu option, click on the icon to open the file in a new tab (or window), and select "Install This User Script" from the Tools menu.